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Juvenile Division

2605 E. 25th Street Suite 100 Indianapolis, IN 46218


Division Chief: Jan Berg  (317) 327-8674

Assistant Division Chief: Katy Cornelius  (317) 327-8332  


Division Chief:  Jill Johnson (317) 327-8212

The Juvenile Division represents children accused of committing delinquent acts and parents of children where the State believes a child's physical or mental well being is being impaired or endangered by acts or omissions of the child's parent or guardian. The attorney assigned to a client may be a full time attorney with the agency, or may be an attorney who contracts wit the agency on a part time basis.

Most adults and virtually all children qualify for a court appointed attorney. In some cases, the court will appoint an attorney without being asked, but that is rare. In most cases, the request must be made, in court, by the child or the parent. In some cases, the name of your attorney can be given to you in court. In other situations, you will need to call our office to find out the name and phone number of your attorney. 

For more information see: Juvenile Delinquency Attorneys, TPR/CHINS Attorneys, or Juvenile Paralegals.