Misdemeanor / Domestic
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Misdemeanor/Domestic Violence Division

Supervisor to Misdemeanor Courts:
Angka Hinshaw 327-5928

Assistant Supervisor:
Matthew Katz 327-5928

Assistant Supervisor:
To Be Named 327-4100

Supervisor to Domestic Violence Courts:
Brenda Foglio 327-5762

The Domestic Violence Division represents indigent clients who are charged with misdemeanor and D felony crimes involving a domestic relationship. The Division is responsible for Courts 16, 17 and 21.

Please contact your attorney or paralegal assigned to the court where your case is pending, either by phone or email. If you don't know the name of your attorney please contact the paralegal assigned to your court at Paralegals by Court. The attorneys for each court are listed at Attorneys by Court.

Our attorneys and paralegals work diligently to insure each and every client receives the quality representation this office strives to provide. If a concern arises regarding a member of the Domestic Violence Division, please direct those concerns to the Division Chief,  327-5762 or Brenda.foglio@indy.gov.