Paralegal Unit
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Paralegal Unit

The Paralegal Unit is responsible for supporting Public Defender Attorneys in every Marion County Criminal Court .

Each paralegal is assigned to one court and provides supports to the attorneys assigned to that court. The paralegal assigns cases by rotation to the attorneys assigned to their court. The court assigned paralegal spends the majority of their time in court and is often the first person the client will have contact with from the Public Defender Agency

The Major Felony Investigative Paralegal Unit is a group of specialized paralegals that are also responsible for supporting the Major Felony Division. Unlike the paralegal unit, the investigative paralegals are assigned to a group of major felony attorneys, rather than by court and they work closely with individual attorneys in every aspect of trial preparation.

If a client has an urgent matter before their court date and cannot reach their attorney, they should leave a message via voice mail with the attorney, the court assigned paralegal or the investigative paralegal assigned to a specific major felony attorney.