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Marion County Recorder
Julie L. Voorhies
200 E. Washington Street
Indianapolis, IN 46234
(317) 327-4020

For Immediate Release:
For More Information:
July 6, 2011

Marion County Recorder’s Office Offers eRecording

The Marion County Recorder, Julie Voorhies, is proud to announce the addition of Electronic Recording or eRecording to the services provided to the public.

eRecording is the method of submitting, receiving and processing real estate records via the internet instead of the traditional process of mailing in documents or physically walking a document through the process. eRecording accelerates the recording process and dramatically improves the County’s ability to serve constituents. For example, a document that could sometimes take multiple days to be verified by a variety of offices, can be processed in a matter of minutes.

Along with simplifying and accelerating the recording process, eRecording will also save thousands of taxpayers’ dollars. “Typically our office receives over 200,000 documents per year and now that we can begin sending and receiving documents electronically, it will eliminate costly shipping and printing,” stated Voorhies.

The eRecording process is being aided in cooperation with the Marion County Assessor and the Marion County Auditor’s office. The Recorder and Assessor electronically processes real estate documents that transfer property securely electronically.

For more information on eRecording or to access vendor contact information please visit www.indy.gov/recorder.