Copies & Searching
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Copies & Searching


Copies of records can be obtained in our office f​or a nominal fee. Copies can also be requested over the phone and sent by email if the document number is provided. ​The same fees apply for records sent electronically. Certified copies are only available in person or by mail.  

Records prior to 1964 are maintained on microfilm and only available​ to search in our office.

 ​​Copy Fees
​Per Page $1.00​
​Larger than 8.5" x 14" per page $2.00​
​Certified Copies, first page $6​.00​
​     Each additional page $1.00​

Finding Records

Click HERE for our new searching guide!​

Our office maintains over 7 million online searchable documents dating back to March 1964. An additional 3 million records are stored on microfilm and are in the process of being digitized and searchable online.​​​​​​


Currently, documents recorded prior to March 1964 are only maintained on microfilm and must be searched in our office. 
The Recorder's Office has recently begun the process of digitizing and enhancing these records to make them available for online searching. The indexing of these records may take several years, but will begin with records from 1964 and continue backwards until completed.

Record Digitization by the Numbers

  • The project scope is comprised of an estimated 1.5M documents on 3.2M images.

  • Records for this project are stored in 3,100 volumes of the original land record books held at the ​Indiana State Archives. Scans of these records are maintained on 3,200 rolls of microfilm by the Recorder’s Office.

  • Over 21,000 staff hours were spent scanning the microfilm and land record books to prepare them for image enhancement.

  • An estimated 20% of the microfilm is deteriorating from a process known as vinegar syndrome which is the result of inadequate storage of substandard microfilm.

  • Damaged microfilm will be replaced on polyester film; which can last up to 500 years if properly stored. The Recorder’s Office is required by state law to maintain archive copies of all of its records on microfilm.

  • An estimated 42,000 staff hours will be needed to complete the indexing of the records before they can be searched electronically. Records will be prioritized for indexing starting with the most recent first and moving backwards (1964 -1822).