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​Recording Guidelines

Recording Requirements and Fees​

The Marion County Recorder’s Office accepts documents in person, by mail and through our e-recording vendors. Fees​​ are set by the Indiana General Assembly.
NOTE: Fees in Marion County are different than in other county in Indiana.

Documents presented for recording must meet certain requirements. Below is a list of common requirements and the corresponding Indiana Code.

​Indiana Code ​Description
32-23-2-5 ​Easements
​32-28 ​Liens
32-28-3 ​Mechanic's Liens
32-28-5 ​Lien Releases
32-29-5-1 ​Releases by Financial Institutions
​32-29-6 ​Releases by Title Insurance Companies
33-42-2-9 ​Notary Requirements
​36-2-11-6 ​Overpayment of Fees
36-2-1-12 ​Index/Legal Descriptions
​36-2-11-14 ​Auditor's Stamp
36-2-11-15 ​Prepared by & Social Security Statements
36-2-11-16 ​General Recording Requirements

Document Type​s

Our office primarily records documents related to property, however there are a number of other documents commonly recorded including:​

Affidavit ​Mechanic's Lien
​Amendment Assignment ​Mechanic's Lien Release
​Assumed Business Name ​Miscellaneous
​Blanket Assignment ​Mortgage
​Blanket Releases ​Mortgage Release
​Bonds Partial Release
​City Order to Release ​Plats
​Contract ​Power of Attorney
Court Document ​Releases
​Covenants ​Service Discharge
​Deed ​Sewer Lien
​Environmental Disclosure Survey
​Federal Tax Lien ​Trust
​Federal Tax Lien Release Uniform Commercial Codes

Recording Guide - Deeds, Affidavits & Liens

Our Recording Guide​ offers information on how to record documents that transfer property. ​


More information on our eRecording vendors can be found here.

Mailing Info

Documents for recording can be sent along with ​the corresponding payment to:

Marion County Recorder
200 E. Washington Street, Room 741
Indianapolis, IN 46204​

Documents will not be accepted by fax or email.​​
A self-addressed postage paid envelope should be provided to return original documents.