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 Title Services

Escrow Accounts

The Marion County Recorder's Office offers two escrow account options for customers.

1. Recording Account - used for recording documents.
Recording Escrow Account Agreement

2. Copy/Laredo Account - used for purchasing copies. *Required for Laredo subscription
Copy/Laredo Escrow Account Agreement​

Watermarks on Documents

Docu​ments printed from our subscription search service, Laredo, contain a watermark on them. The purpose of the watermark is to protect t​he integrity of the document and the property owner. Unfortunately, some companies purchase copies of deeds and resell them to the property owner for exorbitant fees. Including the watermark on documents helps to prevent unscrupulous companies from taking advantage of unsuspecting property owners.


Our office partners with four national eRecording vendors. For a nominal fee, customers can submit, track and receive your documents electronically. Fewer rejections and faster returns will save you and your customers time and money. Contact our vendor partners today:









​eReturn - Swift Service

Sign up for this FREE service to automatically receive​ your recorded documents returned to you electronically. You can also choose to receive both your original and an electronic copy returned to you.