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Information Available from the Marion County Surveyor’s Office

The Marion County Surveyor’s Office is pleased to announce that the Legal Survey and Road Record books have been scanned and can now be provided digitally by email or on CD. Many property corners in Marion County were established by legal surveys in the 19th century. Our office has perpetuated many, but not nearly all, of these non-GLO corners. Normal copy fees apply.

Online Resources

Frequently Asked Questions

Recorded Surveys Index.pdf

Donation Lands Index_06-30-2018.pdf

Index of Surveys by Others

Recorded Plat Index

Index of Old Plat Info in MCSO

Cemetery Plats

Index of Road Records

Index of Legal Surveys

Index of Marion County Rail Road Plans

Marion County copy of GLO Notes

Surveying Firm Identification Numbers

List of Marion County Surveyors

Schedule of Copy Fees

Boundary Description of Marion County

EDM Calibration Range

Klausmann Surveys

Harrison Monument Specifications

Procedure to Establish Legal Survey


Marion County Section Corner Ties

Benchmark Information

ATC Verification of Business Location Forms

InCORS GPS Calibration to NAD83(1986)

In Office Resources

  1. IMAGIS Control points 1:100,000
  2. Bridge Plans for County Bridges prior to 1970 (incomplete file)
  3. Ditch and Drain Record Books prior to 1970 (incomplete file)
  4. Railroad plans in Marion County
  5. Interstate & State Highway plans (incomplete file)
  6. County Road and County Road Specs (incomplete file)
  7. Arbitrary Subdivision Maps (ARB): Title info (incomplete file)
  8. Department of Transportation (D.O.T. city plats with R/W info)
  9. Township maps (individual 1979 maps on mylar)
  10. Old Water Company line location mylars
  11. Quad maps 7.5' (Indiana Department Natural Resources/ D.N.R.)
  12. Marion County Maps (24"x30" for sale)
  13. County maps: surrounding Marion County (for viewing only)
  14. Legal Survey Books by Township (1840 to present)
  15. FIRM FLOOD INSURANCE RATE MAPS: FEMA 2001 (for viewing only)
  16. Full-size (24"x36") mylars of Recorded Subdivisions from Zoning Subdivision mylars 1993? -- to date
  17. 2' contour mylar maps '79: Department of Public Works/Drainage
  18. Street Improvements-openings-vacations (Microfilm in sub-basement), incomplete
  19. Street Plans - incomplete