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The Marion County Surveyor's Office maintains several Geographic Information System (GIS) layers including a Section Corner layer and a Section Line layer. In addition, several Marion County layers such as parcels, orthophotography and roads are freely available for download without restriction on the OpenIndy Data Portal, the IndianaMap and the Indiana Spatial Data Portal.

To obtain a free current shapefile of the Section Corner or Section Line layers please go to the OpenIndy Data Portal, , and search for surveyor.  You will find our data and can download it directly.  The two layers we regularly maintain are the Marion County Survey Points (for the corner ties) and the Marion County Survey Section Lines (which generally connect up the same points the GLO set).  A few more historic layers will also show up such as Quarter Sections but those are not regularly maintained.

The tie sheet layer has hyperlinks as one of the attributes so our ties can  be downloaded directly from your GIS or CAD software once you add in the layer.  Our data is updated on a roughly monthly schedule.  If we add new points or change coordinates for a corner, you would need to download the data again to pick up those changes.  Hyperlinks for existing points stay the same so even if the tie moves you can still get the new tiesheet without reloading the layer.  FYI, we check the positions of our ties when we update them and if the new position is 3cm (0.1’ +/-) or more from the old location, we update the location in the GIS layer.  The Section Corner layer on the IndianaMap is not as current, complete, or georeferenced as well as our source information.

Call or email Bryan Catlin (  ) at our office if you have questions about the ties sheets.

Disclaimer: Marion County Surveyor's Office layers are not legal documents. They are intended to serve as an aid in graphic representation only. Information shown in these layers is not warranted for accuracy or merchantability.

Links to OpenIndy Data Portal, IndianaMap, Indiana Spatial Data Portal and GIS Software

OpenIndy Data Portal


Indiana Spatial Data Portal

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