Bidder/Purchaser Information
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Bidder/Purchaser Information

·         In accordance with state legislation Bidders/Purchasers and/or their agent cannot have delinquent property taxes; therefore, Marion County will review the tax status of all County Owned Surplus Purchasers. 
o   Buyers will not be issued a deed until all delinquent property taxes are made current on property they currently own.
o   Failure to bring all delinquent property taxes current may result in the voiding of the sale of the parcel, application of money rendered to delinquent taxes, and the resale of the property in a subsequent sale.
o   If the buyer is a habitual code offender, the buyer and any entities related to the buyer may be banned from participating at any sale.
o   If the buyer has forfeited any purchase in a prior sale, the buyer and any entities related to the buyer will be banned from participating in any sale. 
·         Online registration is required. Bidder Registration
·         Pre-Registration and Bidder Deposit are encouraged, as priority for admittance is given to those who have pre-registered and made at least a $1,000 deposit prior to the sale.  For Friday sales, the deadline to pre-register and make a bidder deposit is the Wednesday prior to the sale.  Most Surplus Sales fill the room to capacity.
·         Parcels will be offered in the order they appear in the published notice.
·         Bidding starts at the minimum bid as it appears in the published notice.
·         Payment (including deposits) may only be made by CASH, CERTIFIED CHECK, CASHIER’S CHECK, or OFFICIAL CHECK issued by a financial institution; or, MONEY ORDER.
·         Checks/Money Orders must be payable to:  Marion County Treasurer.
·         The Treasurer will not accept more than $10,000 in cash during the auction.
·         On the day of the Auction, the sum total of all properties that sell for up to Two Thousand Dollars ($2,000) must be paid in full immediately following the sale of the property.
·         The sum total of all properties that sell for Two Thousand Dollars and one cent ($ 2,000.01) must have a minimum earnest money deposit of Fifty Percent (50%) of the total properties purchased or Two Thousand Dollars ($ 2,000), whichever is greater.
·         The balance is due by noon the next business day, in the office of the Treasurer, 10th Floor of the City County Building, Room 1001 by cash, cashier’s or certified check issued by a financial institution or money order.
·         In the event a bidder has not paid by noon the next business day, a Twenty Five Percent (25%) Civil Penalty is charged; this penalty will be withheld from the earnest money deposit and the property(ies) forfeited.  This will be enforced.
·         Alternate bidders are obligated to their bid.  The bidder submitting the next-to-highest bid shall be deemed the alternate bidder.  In the event the highest bidder defaults in presenting full payment by the required deadline, the alternate bidder’s bid will be considered the winning bid.  The alternate bidder’s payment must be received within forty-eight (48) hours from notice of the alternate bidder’s opportunity to purchase.
·         Unlike a common auction, the transaction is not completed with the termination of bidding.  The highest bid will be accepted, and all sales require the Mayor’s approval.  Title will transfer to the winning bidder within sixty (60) days from the date of the auction.
·         The Marion County Treasurer’s office will process the resulting deeds and disclosure forms, including recording.
·         The Purchaser has NO AUTHORITY TO ACCESS the property until the property has been transferred into the purchaser's name.
·         Buyer Due Diligence –
o   Only the parcel number describes what is being sold.  Common addresses may be announced, but the address may not accurately describe the property being auctioned.  The parcel number controls.
o   All Sales are FINAL.  You get and keep what you purchase, there are no refunds for any reason.
o   Poor research can result in a poor purchase.
o   Know what you buy; buy what you know.
Buyer Contact Information
Surplus Properties and Auctions
Marion County Owned Real Estate
Suite 1041 City County Building
Demolition and Repair Orders
Department of Code Enforcement
1200 Madison Avenue
Indianapolis IN 46225
Property Taxes
Marion County Treasurer’s Office
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Marion County Assessor's Office
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Department of Metropolitan Development
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If you previously owned a property that was sold in a tax sale and you failed to redeem the property before a tax deed was issued to the County, Indiana law limits the circumstances under which you or your agent may now purchase that property at a surplus auction.
I.C. 36-1-11-16 PROVIDES:
Sec. 16. (a) This section applies to the following:
(1)   A person who owes delinquent taxes, special assessments, penalties, interest, or costs directly attributable to a prior tax sale on a tract of real property listed under IC 6-+1.1-24-1.
(2)  A person who is an agent of the person described in subdivision (1).
(b)  A person subject to this section may not purchase, receive, or lease a tract that is offered in a sale, exchange, or lease under this chapter.
(c)  If a person purchases, receives, or leases a tract that the person was not eligible to purchase, receive, or lease under this section, the sale, transfer, or lease of the property is void and the county retains the interest in the tract it possessed before the sale, transfer, or lease of the tract.
As added by P.L. 60-1988, SEC. 36.Amended by P.L.342-1989(ss), Sec.37; P.L. 98-2000, SEC.18.