Important Information-
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Important Information

Please Read Thoroughly

  • Parcels will be offered in the order they  appear in the published notice.
  • Bidding will start at the minimum bid, as given in the published notice.
  • The street address being used is not necessarily the legal address, and is used for reference only. The parcel number describes the property being sold.
  • Data given about properties to be auctioned is given as a courtesy and is for information only. The Marion County Board of Commissioners does not guarantee the accuracy of the information given. Each bidder has the responsibility to independently verify or obtain information necessary prior to submitting a bid.
  • The Marion County Board of Commissioners DOES NOT warrant these properties to be free and clear of all encumbrances, easements, encroachments, judgments, liens, righ-of-way restrictions. The title transfer is in the form of a Quitclaim Deed. All bidders are encouraged to hire a real estate attorney to perform a quiet title action to remove all liens, judgments, etc.
  • Marion County expressly disclaims any warranties, expressed or implied, as to its merchantability, habitability or fitness for a particular purpose. Any and all such property is to be sold in AS IS condition, with award to the highest bidder.
  • The County assumes no responsibility for any changed condition of the property from the date of the Auction until the delivery of the deed to the purchaser. Purchaser understands and accepts all risk of loss to the property during that time.
  • All Sales Are Final. Bids Cannot Be Withdrawn.
  • The public is invited and encouraged to conduct a drive-by inspection of any parcel included on the surplus property auction list. Bidders, please be aware that some parcels may be:  landlocked, narrow strips, irregular, without street frontage, have alley access only, or have possible encroachments. It is the bidders’ responsibility to do their research.
  • Anyone intending to apply for an improvement location permit must verify the correct street address and zoning with the Permits Division of Planning and Zoning, Room 1821, City-County Building.
  • Alternate bidders are obligated to their bid.
  • All properties are subject to tax assessment in 2016, due and payable in 2017 if obtained before January 1, 2016. If obtained after the January 1, 2016 assessment date, taxes will be due in 2018.
  • The Purchaser has no authority to enter the property until the property has been transferred into their name; purchasers can check online to see if transferred. The County will use reasonable efforts to deliver the deed in a timely manner.
  • The County is not responsible for evictions. If any improvement is occupied, it is without the County’s consent.
  • High bidders are responsible for contacting the County Assessor’s office to verify accuracy of the assessed valuation against the property.
  • Once the Auction has been closed, we WILL NOT re-open bidding.
  • The Marion County Treasurer’s office will process the resulting deeds and disclosure forms, including recording. Again, the County will use reasonable efforts to deliver deeds in a timely manner.