General Points of Interest
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General Points Of Interest

The Tax Sale for 2015 is scheduled for October 8th and 9th, 2015.  The sale normally begins in the public assembly room at 9:00 a.m. Eastern Daylight Time, Thursday, October 16, 2014. (Tax Sale instructions will begin at 8:45 a.m. in the Public Assembly Room and will continue until the sale begins at 9:00 a.m.)All times are Eastern Daylight.

On Thursday, October 8, 2015, the sale will run from 9:00 a.m. to noon, followed by a one-hour lunch break; then it will continue from 1:00-4:00 p.m.

It is unlikely that we will be able to offer all available properties for sale on Thursday, October 8, 2015, If that is the situation, the sale will resume at 9:00 a.m. on Friday, October 9, 2015. The number of parcels left to offer for sale on Friday will determine the need to take a lunch break.

On both Thursday, October 8th , and Friday, October 9th the sale will be held in the Public Assembly Room (Room 230), 2nd floor of the City-County Building – 200 E. Washington Street, Indianapolis, IN 46204.

If a parcel is not sold on October 8th or October 9th it will not be offered for sale again.

The “parcel number” identifies a property. There may be an owner and/or address advertised and/or read at the sale, but the parcel number identifies the exact property offered for sale.

Parcels will be offered for sale in Item Number sequence, as identified in newspaper ads.  Every parcel has an item number and all item numbers start with "49A" followed by the assigned numeric number. 

At the sale, parcels beginning with “A” will be offered in groups of 25 items at a time, such as items A1 through A25. Any bidder may call out an item number within that range. A call for a specific item number such as A17 is considered a minimum bid for that item. Once the minimum bid is made, that item is auctioned to the highest bidder. If the item called for is no longer in the sale, that fact will be announced, and a call for another item within that group of 25 will be accepted. This procedure will continue until there are no more calls for item numbers within the group being considered. At that time, the next group of 25 item numbers will be offered. 

After all “A” items have been offered once, the Treasurer will open up the auction for all available items to be offered on a first-asked, first-offered basis. A call for a specific item is considered a minimum bid for that item. Once the minimum bid is made, that item is auctioned to the highest bidder.

A complete list of Tax Sale items available for sale will be available in three sources:

  1. Newspaper: Properties available for sale will be advertised in The Indianapolis Star and the Court & Commercial Record on the following Wednesdays:

    August 05, 2015
    August 12, 2015
    August 19, 2015

  3. CD:The CD will be available in Microsoft Excel and can be purchased from the Treasurer’s office on or after August 5,2015 at the cost of $20.00 per CD. The parcels that appear on the CD will be the same as those that appear in the first newspaper advertisement (August 5, 2015)
  4. .
  5. Web page: Beginning on or shortly after Wednesday, August 5, 2015, the Marion County Treasurer’s Web page will have the most current list of properties available for sale. The list will be updated daily and will be in the same format as the newspaper listing and the CD.The list can be downloaded. The Web address for viewing and/or downloading the list is

An updated list of Tax Sale items still eligible for sale will be available from the Treasurer each day, beginning Wednesday, August 5, 2015, and each day thereafter until the Tax Sale ends on October 8, 2015. The list will include items available as of 8:00 a.m. on the morning it is printed. There will be a $5.00 charge per list to cover the cost of printing. Only the Tax Sale Item Number will appear on the list, so it will be necessary to have one of the original listings to be able to obtain other information about those unsold parcels.

On or before Thursday, July 30, 2015, the Marion County Auditor will send a letter by Certified Mail to owners of all properties which at that time are eligible for the 2015 Marion County Tax Sale.

Any payment made to the Marion County Treasurer by an owner to withdraw a parcel from the sale or by a successful bidder at the sale must be paid by cash,by Money order, any Certified Check, by any Cashier’s Check.NO PERSONAL CHECKS, OR BUSINESS CHECKS WILL BE ACCEPTED.(The Treasurer will not accept more than $10,000.00 in cash from any one bidder, for the period of May 12th through the duration of the sale.)

The Tax Sale buyer’s interest in the property is limited to a lien on the purchased property until: 1) the property is redeemed; 2) a Tax Deed is issued; or 3) six (3) months has elapsed after the expiration of the redemption period, whichever occurs first.

There is a one-year period following the sale of each “A” item during which the delinquent owner, occupant, or person with a substantial property interest of public record may “redeem the property”, a term meaning to retain possession by paying all monies owed to the county plus required fees.

Redemption of property purchased in a Tax Sale results in the parcel remaining in the current owner’s name.

If a parcel sold in the “A” sale is not redeemed prior to one year from the date of sale, the Tax Sale buyer may present the Tax Certificate to the County Auditor and receive a Tax Deed to the property granting title to the property to the buyer or assignee of the buyer.

A person who wants to redeem a property should contact the Marion County Auditor, Room 841 of the City-County Building, to have an exact calculation of the redemption cost made. That amount must be paid to the County Auditor within one year of the date of sale of an “A” item. The redemption amount will be equal to the minimum bid required by the Treasurer, plus a redemption fee calculated on the minimum bid paid by the successful bidder (percentages listed below), plus 5% per annum interest calculated on the difference between the minimum bid and the amount paid by the successful bidder (referred to as Tax Sale Overbid), plus any taxes, penalties and special assessments paid by the buyer subsequent to the date of sale, plus 5% per annum interest on those subsequent payments. The redeeming party does not have to repay the overbid amount, but they are required to pay the 5% per annum interest on the overbid amount.) The redemption fee will be calculated in two parts (three parts if taxes are paid subsequent to the Tax Sale):

  1. On the Minimum bid –
    -110% of the minimum bid if redeemed not more than 6 months after the date of sale; - 115% of the minimum bid if redeemed more than 6 months but not more than one year after the date of sale.
  2. On the difference between the successful bid price and the minimum bid is known as Tax Sale overbid) -
    -5% per annum interest from the date of payment to the date of redemption
  3. On any taxes and special assessments paid by the Tax Sale buyer subsequent to the sale –
    -5% per annum interest from the date of payment 
       to the date of redemption

If, before redemption or the execution of a Tax Deed, it is found that the sale is invalid, the Tax Sale buyer is not entitled to a Tax Deed, but shall be entitled to a refund of the purchase price plus 5% per annum interest.

If, after the execution of a Tax Deed, it is found that the deed is invalid pursuant to I.C. 6-1.1-25-12,  the Tax Sale buyer is entitled to a lien on the property in the amount of the purchase price, any taxes or special assessments paid subsequent to sale, and any amount due the Tax Sale buyer as an occupying claimant plus interest at 10% per annum.