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The following schedule applies to payments made to the Treasurer by property owners wanting to prevent their parcels from being sold in this year's Tax Sale. The owner must make payment by CashCertified CheckCashier's Check, or Money Orders OnlyNO PERSONAL CHECKS, OR BUSINESS CHECKS WILL BE ACCEPTED.  (The Treasurer will not accept more than $10,000.00 in cash from any one bidder, for the period of May 11, 2016 through the duration of the sale.)

– Owners must pay all delinquent taxes, penalties, and delinquent special assessments due on their parcel(s) plus $290.00 Tax Sale Administrative Cost up until October 18, 2016. After October 18, 2016 the owner must pay the fall charges as well.

No payments will be accepted on Tax Sale items the day before the sale so that the Treasurer can make necessary preparation for the conduct of the sale;

– Owners must pay all delinquent taxes, penalties, delinquent special assessments, plus the solid waste and storm water service fee (if applicable), plus other current special assessments (if applicable), plus Tax Sale Administrative Cost. If the parcel is sold before the owner makes the full payment, the owner will have to wait to redeem the parcel through the Marion County Auditor's office until approximately one week after the parcel has been sold.

Payments made by owners on the dates of public auction must be in full – no  part payments – and will be collected by the Treasurer after 8:00 a.m. on the 10th floor room 1001 of the City-County Building.

Before the sale owners may make part payments toward the minimum sale price. There is no minimum amount of part payment required. After payment of the Tax Sale Advertising Fee (which is included in the Administrative Cost), any part payments made will reduce the minimum bid amount and will save total redemption costs to the owner if the property is sold.

If a "A" item is not sold at the Tax Sale and the owner does not pay all charges due on the parcel, the County may request a Tax Deed 120 days after the sale ends.