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Voter Registration


The City-County Building is on land donated by the State of Indiana, on December 31, 1821, to be utilized as a courthouse. Two previous courthouses stood here first. The ground was broken for the present City-County Building on February 1, 1960. The cornerstone was laid December 21, 1960. The first occupants came January 1962. The planning and erection of the City-County Building was from 1953 to 1962. The mayors of the city since 1962 are as follows:

  • Phillip L. Bayt
  • Charles H. Boswell
  • Albert Losche
  • John Barton
  • Richard Lugar
  • William H. Hudnut, III
  • Steven Goldsmith
  • Bart Peterson
  • Greg Ballard

Voters Registration was the first office to open in the basement of the City-County Building in January 1962. Over the years we have had 23 Board Members and a host of Chief Deputies. Voter's Registration has always been a bi-partisan office. The Board Members have been as follows:

Democratic Republican
  • Ira Buttz
  • John Maze
  • Tony Maio
  • Ann Patten
  • William Schreiber
  • Knute Dobkins
  • Cathline Mullin
  • Providence Benedict
  • Joseph Smith
  • Mary Agnes Bussing
  • Thomas P O'Brien
  • Cathline Mullin
  • Joel Miller
  • John Riordan
  • Terry Burns
  • LaDonna Freeman
  • Ed Bencik
  • James Ulrich
  • Helen Roxine
  • Helen Pogue
  • E. Allen Hunter
  • John Cook
  • Leanna Maggard
  • Luther Condre
  • Janet Richhart
  • Sherry Beck
  • Kyle Walker
  • Cindy Mowery

In the past 45 years, Voter's Registration has gone from Plating, Cardveyor, ISA Computerized System, to our own computerized system, First Tuesday, and now to National Time Share out of New York. In August of 1990, we moved from the basement to the main floor, Suite W-131 at the Delaware Street entrance where we reside today.

From 1962 to 1984 voters in Indianapolis grew to 442,000 in Marion County. In June 1992 there were 504,823 registered voters, and in June 1999 514,307 registered voters on record. As of November, 2001 Marion County had 550,250 registered voters, and as of the General Election in 2006, there were 613,881. In 2011, there are currently 593,905 registered voters in Marion County, Indiana.