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Marion Superior Court Attorney ID Cards Policy

The approval and issuance of an Attorney Identification Card (“I.D. Card”), is a privilege extended by order of the Circuit and Superior Courts (Court).

All attorneys granted this privilege accept the privilege subject to any and all terms and conditions set forth by the Court. These conditions include an Agreement by the attorney that he or she will not bring firearms, knives, or any other weapons or contraband into the City-County Building; that the I.D. Card is issued for the exclusive personal use of the authorized attorney, and is not to be loaned out to other persons; and that the I.D. Card will be used in accordance with the Rules of Professional Responsibility and the attorney’s responsibilities as an officer of the court.

The issuance of an I.D. Card may be revoked at any time at the sole discretion of the Court Administrator pursuant to the directives of the Court.

The cost of an Attorney ID Card is $60.00.

Click on the link below for the policy/procedure document:

Updated Policy Statement Atty ID Card 10-23-2018.pdf

To apply for an Attorney ID Card online, please click on the link below - this is effective from November ember 7, 2018 onwards.​

​Attorneys upload their picture, and pay for the card processing online. We have changed the card format and color scheme for the new cards that are valid from 1-1-2019 until 12-31-2021.

The attorney identification cards will be mailed out directly to the attorneys from our certified printer. So please pay attention to the mailing address on file.

When the attorneys receive their new card, we will be sending them in their letter their copier codes to share with their support staff as well. Attorneys will log into a website, put in their information, and if their status per the Indiana Supreme Court’s Roll of Attorneys is one of the statuses listed below, we process their application –


The fee of Sixty Dollars is due at the completion of the online application submission and can be paid via electronic check (ACH) or credit card.

Copier Use - With your attorney identification card, you now have access to make copies on the Court copiers. Each of the copiers has a card reader, and all you need to do is wave the card at the reader, and it will then allow you to make copies, scan documents to your email address or save your documents electronically to a USB flash drive.

For each paper copy made there is a $0.04 per page charge that will be invoiced to you. We will send a detailed invoice every month to your registered email account. The detailed invoice will indicate the number of copies and the locations that you made the copies at.

The first invoice will indicate the payment options and the payment is due within 30 days of the billing date. You can provide your Copier Print Code to other members on your staff if they are coming to our courts for making copies of documents/files.

Email 2 Print - With the new copiers we now have a new method by which attorneys can email their jobs, or have their paralegals or assistants send print jobs to their accounts.

The print jobs will be queued up and once the attorney signs into the copier, they can choose the copies to print out.

All you have to do is attach printable documents (we accept only PDF format documents at this time for our copiers) in an email to

The system will confirm receipt of the email and if the document is an acceptable format (PDF) it will state that it is available for printing. Attorneys can also use their phones, tablets and other mobile devices to print using this method.