State vs. IBM
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July 18, 2012
Judge Dreyer will have media availability at 1:00 p.m. today, Wednesday, July 18th, in his courtroom - Marion Superior Court, Civil Division 10, T-1441 City-County Building, 200 East Washington Street, Indianapolis, IN (46204). He is available to answer any general procedural questions as allowed under applicable rules of judicial comment. 
Highlights of the bench trial include:
A total of 97 witnesses, including the governor’s chief of staff and most of the governor’s executive staff, as well as state officials with FSSA; several key IBM executives; numerous statistical, mathematics, welfare eligibility, equipment appraisers and damage experts from around the country; welfare advocacy groups; and welfare recipients.
Approximately 27,800 exhibits were submitted, totaling about 1M pages.
The State of Indiana is requesting over $170M in damages. IBM seeks up to (approximately) $100M in disputed fees and equipment under the contract.
This case is the first general Indiana civil case of its kind to use electronic filing by order of the Indiana Supreme Court. Media may access the court file through LexisNexis using public terminal #4 in the Marion County Clerk’s Office, located on the main floor of the City-County Building, West Wing. There is no charge to access records using the public terminal, no login is needed, and records may be saved to your personal flash drive. (The Clerk’s Office charges $1.00 per page for printed copies.) Court records may also be accessed through the LexisNexis website for a fee. Please contact LexisNexis Customer Service at 888.529.7587 for more information.
BACKGROUND: This is a consolidated case involving both parties suing each other over the cancellation of a ten year contract for IBM to implement an eligibility Modernization system for Indiana Family and Social Services Administration (FSSA) for Hoosiers seeking or receiving TANF, Food Stamps and Hoosier Healthwise. The contract for more than $1B was signed in December 2006 between the two parties. It was terminated by the State of Indiana in October 2009. This is a civil bench trial which means all rulings will be determined by Judge Dreyer.
Media Contacts
Marion Superior Court: Beverly Phillips,, (Cell or Text) 317.627.6746
State of Indiana: Peter Rusthoven, Barnes & Thornburg,, 317.341.0143
IBM: Clint Roswell,, 914.672.9423