Civil E-Filing
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Marion Superior Court and Circuit Court have a new initiative underway using technology to expedite mortgage foreclosure and civil collection cases through electronic filing.  Attorneys are encouraged to electronically file their CC and MF cases. About 57% of all civil cases in Marion County fall in this category.


The Electronic Case Filing (ECF) initiative is a project approved by the Indiana Supreme Court. The software (LexisNexis File & Serve) enables the Marion County Clerk's Office to digitally manage documents and to automate functions such as noticing, managing deadlines, and tracking fees. The ECF software permits attorneys, using secure Internet technology, to file or review CC and MF legal documents at their convenience.



Electronic Case Filing



    Law firms can realize tremendous cost savings associated with the compiling, handling, and storage of paper files.  A time consuming staff trip to the City-County Building to review paper files for updates is no longer needed with electronic filing. Lawyers and staff can review files anytime from anywhere.


    Officials predict that electronic filing will be eventually be standard practice across the state as state trial courts and law firms alike look to reduce operating costs while keeping pace with such a large volume of civil filings.


    Electronic filing benefits include: 


    • Expedite court proceedings by allowing for 24/7 case filings by attorneys and litigants.


    • Judges can review filings sooner and potentially rule on orders more quickly.


    • Reduce court, clerk and law firm personnel costs of maintaining and handling paper files.


    • Reduce photocopying, postage and short/long-term storage needs. 


    • Eliminate the need to send legal support staff to court to manually review paper.  Get updates online in real time.