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Rules & Regulations​
Local Rules
The Circuit Court is charged by Ind. Code § 33-34-3-6 and 7 to “make and adopt uniform rules for conducting the business of the small claims court . . . according to a simplified procedure to enable any person either to seek or to defend against a small claim without consulting or being represented by an attorney.”
What follows is a set of rules which are applicable only to Marion County Small Claims Courts.
The overall purpose of these rules are to promote uniformity, fairness, and access to justice.


State Rules

The Marion Local Rules are designed to supplement the Indiana Small Claims Rules promulgated by the Indiana Supreme Court. In
the event that there is a conflict between the Local Rules and the state rules, the state rules will govern.

Click here for the Indiana Small Claims Rules

Related Statutes

Specific Indiana Code relating to Small Claims in the state of Indiana can be found in Title 33 Article 34.

Please click here to be directed to the Indiana General Assembly.