Hope for the Future Program Description
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Have you ever known anyone with a drug problem? Chances are that you are someone close to you has been adversely impacted by drug use.  Drug addiction is devastating to the active addict their family members and the community as a whole. 

Beginning in 1998, Marion County initiated the Marion County Drug Treatment Court (MCDTC) as an alternative to incarceration for individuals who commit non-violent drug related felonies.  This program is geared towards helping individuals overcome the troubles of their past and begin a new venture into a drug free life style. 

As a participant in MCDTC individuals are provided structure, accountability and guidance within a supportive court environment in collaboration with local treatment providers.  To be eligible for graduation and dismissal of charges participants must complete the following: Spend a minimum of 12 months in the program and complete all three phases successful, Show no positive, dilute or missed drug screens for a minimum of 90 days, Have steady employment or a plan to achieve vocational/ educational goals, Pay in full all drug court user fees, treatment fees, and restitution, and remain crime free.

Full recovery from addiction is a community effort.  Individuals in early recovery need support and encouragement from everyone around them, including you.  That's why we have created Hope for the Future, Inc., a 501C3 not-for-profit organization with two essential goals:

    1. Raise funds to help alleviate the cost of treatment for individuals who participate in the Marion County Drug Treatment Court.
    2. Raise funds and in-kind donation to be used as incentives for participants who are striving to remain drug free and become productive community members.

In an attempt to fully facilitate the positive growth of these individuals, the MCDTC commends and recognizes those participants that are striving to achieve success and reintegrate back into society as a positive community member.  We are currently seeking community partnerships with local/ business organizations that would be willing to provide incentives or make charitable donations for our clients.  We are respectfully requesting that you invest in the future of Marion County by giving contributions that can give someone hope for recovery.             

If you are willing to donate please click on the donation form link or call 317-327-4917 and ask to speak with Jennifer Fillmore, Treasurer.