Hope for the Future Donation Form
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Donor Name and Title (please print):________________________________ 


Company Name: _______________________________________________


Mailing Address: _______________________________________________


City: ______________________ State: ______________ Zip: ___________


Contact: _______________________ Phone: ________________________ 


Please Mark your form of donation:


Date of Donation: ______________________________________________


Monetary: __________________________ IN-Kind: __________________


1.     Please list the amount of money to be donated: __________________ 


2.     Please list the nature of the in-kind gift: ________________________ 

What is the fair market value of the in-kind gift? ____________ 

 How is this market value determined? ____________________  


3.     Is an income tax receipt requested? ___________________________  


*Please note: a new in-kind gift must have a fair market value of at least $25.00 before a tax receipt will be issued.  Documentation verifying the value of the gift must be attached to this form.  Purchase receipts are acceptable.





Jennifer Fillmore, MS, CADACIV, ICACII