Office of the Court Administrator
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Court Administration's employees handle non-judicial administrative matters of the court. The goal is to maximize operational efficiency while minimizing county costs. Staff administers and supports a number of court support services along with the two grant-funded specialty courts, Drug Treatment and Community Court. Some of the other court support services are:


Domestic Relations Counseling Bureau

The Domestic Relations Counseling Bureau is a Court agency that assists families experiencing disagreement about the custody (decision making) and visitation (parenting time) arrangements for their children.

After receiving an order from the Court to provide services, the DRCB will complete an evaluation of the family through a series of interviews and the review of collateral information regarding the family.  A report is prepared and submitted to the Court with recommendations regarding what type of custody and parenting time arrangement would serve the child's best interests, along with additional recommendations for services which would enhance the family's functioning.

There is a sliding scale fee for the service based on income.

Human Resources

The staff works to provide all human resource, payroll and benefit support to all of the Court's employees, which includes the Court, Probation and the Juvenile Center. 

Jury Pool

Marion County summoned 119,626 people in 2004 to serve as jurors in 686 civil and criminal trials. More than 20,000 people started service and over 5,000 were rescheduled. Marion County pays jurors who appear for Jury Duty $15.00 a day plus mileage based on the farthest point in your zip code. For actually serving on a jury, jurors are paid $40.00 a day plus mileage.  Checks are mailed approximately 3 to 4 weeks after serving.  Parking is the juror's responsibility.

 Information Services

The staff coordinates software programs within the courts and ensures their compatibility with external agencies and programs. It also implemented a three-year computer upgrade cycle. The staff prepares and analyzes case management statistical reports and prepares the information technology budget for the courts.

Fiscal Services

The staff prepares, monitors and analyzes a court budget of more than $30 million, which is presented to the City-County Council for approval. The division also handles purchasing for the courts.

The staff evaluates current court programs for effectiveness and works to develop and secure grant funding for new court programs that would improve the service of justice and to develop partnerships within the community.

Community/Media Relations

The staff works to inform the public about the court's function and to improve accessibility to the courts among the legal community and local organizations.