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 Criminal Justice Reform Task Force


From the beginning of Mayor Joe Hogsett's administration, public safety has been a top priority. And in his inaugural State of the City Address, Mayor Hogsett laid out his commitment to reform the criminal justice system in Indianapolis:

"Let me be as clear as I can be: our criminal justice system is broken . . . The time has come for holistic, data-driven, and far-reaching reform in our criminal justice process . . . This will require hard decisions. It will require unprecedented cooperation. And it will require government to change, to grow smaller, to work smarter, and to do more with less.
This morning I signed Executive Order No. 4, creating the City of Indianapolis Criminal Justice Reform Task Force. The task force will be comprised of key stakeholders who will conduct a comprehensive review and investigation of our criminal justice system and make a final, complete set of recommendations to the Criminal Justice Planning Council for adoption before the end of this year."
-Mayor Hogsett, State of the City Address, May 11, 2016
Over the last several months, this task force has followed its directive "to assess, research, examine, and ultimately report recommendations for the systemic reform and optimization of the current county criminal justice system."
 Key Findings and Report