Key Findings and Report
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 Key Findings and Report

Key Findings
Indianapolis must replace aging, inefficient criminal justice facilities, but new facilities alone are not sufficient. To improve our public safety and law enforcement outcomes, new facilities must reflect a reformed criminal justice process. Too many non-violent individuals are in our criminal justice system simply because they lack access to mental health and addiction services. Marion County law enforcement agencies have been overburdened and have lacked the support to address the root causes of crime. More must be done to improve community faith in our criminal justice system.

Key Recommendations
·       Construct a new criminal justice campus including an innovative Assessment and Intervention Center in partnership with Marion County Health & Hospital Corporation that will invest in mental health and addiction services, as well as other social services.
·       Create a pre-arrest diversion toolbox for IMPD officers, social service providers, and our criminal justice facilities to keep non-violent individuals suffering from mental health and addiction issues out of our jails and engaged with available resources.
·       Improve post-arrest diversion programs to provide additional identification and assessment of offenders in need of mental health and social services through both the Assessment and Intervention Center and the Marion County courts system.
·       Foster and support a culture of innovation and continuous improvement across the criminal justice system.
·       Increase transparency and accountability and use that credibility to build relationships between the community and criminal justice partners.
Report Summary
This document provides an overview of the full report.  Please download it here 
Full Report
The full report of the Criminal Justice Reform Task Force can be downloaded here
Community Input
Marion County residents are encouraged to send feedback on the report issued by the Criminal Justice Reform Task Force to Andre Zhang Sonera
"Fellow citizens: as a former federal prosecutor, I am committing this Administration to systemic criminal justice reform in Indianapolis. It starts today."
-Mayor Hogsett, State of the City Address, May 11, 2016