Parking Modernization
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Parking Modernization

On February 10, 2010, Mayor Ballard announced the release of a Parking System Request for Qualifications & Responses to seek creative ideas to better manage the City's various parking assets. After three months of deliberation, the City-County Council approved the Mayor's proposal to modernize the City’s parking meter system by partnering with the ParkIndy, LLC team, which is comprised of ACS, A Xerox Company, Denison Global Parking and Evens Time.

The proposal has many benefits:

  • ParkIndy will manage the metered parking system for 50 years. The City will have the option to terminate the contract for convenience every 10-year anniversary of its signing.
  • ACS will provide the City with a $20 million upfront payment, then a continuing stream of revenue from parking meter proceeds and violations. It is anticipated the City will collect approximately $620 million in ongoing revenue share over the length of the contract.
  • The ACS team includes two locally owned partners, Denison Global Parking, a minority-owned business, and Evens Time, a woman-owned business. Combined, the ParkIndy team has more than 175 years of parking experience. In addition to managing the parking system, ACS will contribute more than $40 million in economic impact to Indianapolis by locating 200 jobs within city limits over a two-year period.
  • New multi-space meter technology will enhance quality of life, making parking more convenient for customers by accepting credit cards and increasing available space.
  • Convenience and turnover are key elements of creating a vibrant economic environment.

The proposal received support from many organizations, including: