Strategic Plan
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Mayor Ballard's Strategic Plan

Our vision is that the city of Indianapolis will innovate, evolve and then sustain as an unrivaled place to live your life. Indy will deliver the best education, provide ample workforce opportunities, bring confidence in public safety, lead in economic development, create and maintain quality housing and infrastructure and cultivate a strong cultural identity.
We aspire to be the best.
This Strategic Plan responds to real data about our city's real challenges and our many oppportunities. It outlines the goals, priorities and the key actions this administration will be taking in the months and years ahead to respond to this data and its hard realities. The Strategic Plan highlights the detailed activities our agencies and departments will undertake to support this mission during 2014 and beyond.
Government can't do it alone, but we can identify the challenges we face, present them clearly to our citizens and be brave and bold in action and in moving our community forward in a discussion about who we want to be in the future.
I'm proud to be from Indianapolis. I believe we represent the best of the United States of America and our city is an emerging actor on the global stage. I look forward to your feedback on this plan and your participation in making our city exceptional.
It's time to Live Indy.
Mayor Greg Ballard