Utility Transfer Press Release Archive
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Press Releases on Utility Transfer:

8/26/2011 Water and Wastewater Utilities Transferred to Citizens Energy Group
7/13/2011 City and Citizens Energy Group Applaud Approval of Utility Transfer
4/30/2011 City and Citizens Energy Group File Testimony for Utility Transfer
4/12/2011 Agreement on Terms to Transfer the Water and Wastewater Systems to Citizens Energy Group Ensures Important Consumer Protections
Read the Agreement
01/14/2011 OUCC Recommends Approval on Certain Conditions
12/22/2010 State Taking Public Comment on Mayor's Proposal to Transfer Water & Wastewater Systems to Citizens Energy Group
12/9/2010 Mayor Ballard Presents Best Practices at U.S. Conference of Mayors Water Summit
12/2/2010 Mayor Details $740 Million In Savings To Taxpayers
11/4/2010 Mayor Ballard Gives Presentation at American Water Summit in Washington, D.C.
10/28/2010 Agreements Reached on Operations of Water and Wastewater Systems
8/27/2010 City Files Proposal with IURC to Transfer Utilities
8/11/2010 Citizens Board of Directors Approves Utility Transfer
8/10/2010 Mayor, Infrastructure Advisory Commission Gather Feedback on Key Initiatives at Public Meeting
7/26/2010 Council Votes to Support Utility Transfer
7/19/2010 Council Utility Committee Approves Utility Transfer
7/19/2010 Council Utility Committee to Consider Utility Transfer
7/6/2010 Council Utility Committee Examines Transfer Details
7/2/2010 Council Utility Committee to Examine Transfer Details
6/25/2010 Final Utility Transfer Ordinance Filed by Councillor Speedy
6/11/2010 Utility Transfer Approved by Board of Waterworks
6/9/2010 Residents Offer Feedback on RebuildIndy Plans to Improve City Streets And Drainage
5/26/2010 City Selects Firm To Manage Rebuildindy
5/17/2010 Council Gives City, Citizens Approval To Negotiate Final Utility Agreement
5/14/2010 City Launches Utility Transfer Document Library
5/11/2010 Mayor Previews Planned Investment in Ailing Infrastructure
5/6/2010 Utility Public Meeting Schedule Continues
4/20/2010 Councillor Speedy Files Proposal to Transfer Utilities to Citizens Energy Group
4/19/2010 Mayor Ballard Addresses Utility Transfer Benefits in Response To Council Questions
4/15/2010 Utility Transfer Unanimously Approved by Board Of Public Works
3/22/2010 Mayor Ballard Announces Utility Public Meeting Schedule
3/10/2010 Mayor Ballard Announces Innovative Partnership with Citizens Energy Group
7/21/2009 Indianapolis Seeks Solutions To Improve Water & Wastewater Systems

Key Documents

IURC Proceeding

To access the documents filed with the IURC, log on to the IURC’s Electronic Document System (EDS). Once you access the EDS, click the Cases link. In the Docket Number field, type the number 43936 and click the Search button. Then, click the Filings\Docket Entries button.

Utility Transfer Document Library

On May 14, 2010, Mayor Ballard announced that more than 500 documents, including contracts, presentations, videos, and more, all relating to the utility transfer were available on an FTP site. To access that FTP site visit: ftp://ftp.indygov.org/utilities (Username: public; Password: public)

Request for Expression of Interest (REI)

On July 21, 2009, Mayor Ballard released the REI to seek creative solutions to infrastructure challenges facing our city. This was the first major step forward in the process that led to the decision to transfer the utilities to Citizens.