Neighborhood Liaisons
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Mayor's Neighborhood Liaisons

Your city government continues to reach out to neighborhoods, community groups and businesses across Indianapolis through the Mayor's Neighborhood Liaisons.  Previously referred to as Township Administrators, Neighborhood Liaisons are your direct link to the Mayor's office, as well as any city department and service.  The new name of Neighborhood Liaison better reflects their service to the community and their role in city government and it will also alleviate any confusion as to their connection with township government. 

Whether you are a neighborhood leader, concerned citizen or business owner, we encourage you to utilize your Neighborhood Liaisons on a regular basis.

For more information on how Neighborhood Liaisons can assist you, click on the following links:


Your Neighborhood Liaisons are:


  Liaison  Area  Phone
Brian Kennedy Northwest Outer District  833-4530
Rosemary Stockdale Northeast Outer District  833-4938
Jordan Rodriguez West & Southwest Outer District  408-1991
Betty Smith-Beecher   Northwest Center District  429-7806
Greg Garrett Northeast Center District  777-2391
Ashley Miller Downtown Center East District  452-0336
Lisa Laflin South Center District  452-0316
Karen Lightbourne East Outer District  833-4933
Lisa Laflin (Interim) South & Southeast Outer District  452-0316


Enter your address to determine who your Mayor's Neighborhood Liaison is.

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