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 Neighborhood of the Month

Welcome to Indianapolis' Neighborhood of the Month page! This new initiative from Mayor Joe Hogsett will feature one Indianapolis neighborhood every month, and will highlight the great recreational and cultural offerings of each neighborhood. 

For the month of March, 2017, Mayor Hogsett will highlight Homecroft.

Founded in 1923, the neighborhood of Homecroft was the result of post-World War I suburbanization that spread across the nation. Throughout the subsequent decades, plans were drawn, unveiled, and initiated by the Frank E. Gates Real Estate Company. Their vision of period style homes is alive and well to this day. The town maintains, in the words of Council President Kyle Jones, a spirit of “uniqueness and quaintness.” She now lives in house built in 1924 that is right next door to her childhood home, which is indicative of how generations of residents return to live in the only place they’ve ever called home.


In the many decades since its establishment just south of downtown, the residents have maintained several governing resources, such as a town council consisting of elected officials. The Homecroft Police Department serves this historic community, and works alongside the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department in the surrounding area. Every Halloween, even the officers themselves are stocked with candy as citizens from surrounding communities come to Homecroft for trick or treating, another example of the sense of tradition that has defined the neighborhood.


“As our community continues to leverage the success of our downtown into our neighborhoods, it’s both appropriate and resourceful to celebrate those already thriving. Homecroft is an excellent example of what can be achieved when residents invest their time and efforts towards a true sense of community,” said Mayor Joe Hogsett. “Throughout the month of March, I encourage all residents to visit Homecroft and enjoy its serene streetscapes as the trees fill in with green during this transition into the spring season.”


City-County Councillor John Wesseler has lived in the neighborhood for nearly four decades and now represents Homecroft as part of his district. Councillor Wesseler will help to highlight neighborhood initiatives throughout the month as well.


“I have lived here since 1978, and in that time Homecroft has proved to be a family-orientated neighborhood that is a great place to raise children,” Councillor Wesseler said. “We’ve got our own police force to take care of speeders, but we don’t get too many of those anyway. I’d recommend this it to anyone with a family looking for a nearby elementary school, and we’ve also got the high school right around the corner. Homecroft is definitely the place for you.”​

If you would like to nominate a neighborhood for future months, please use the form below.