October-December 2008
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October 2008

10/2/2008 Read for the Record 2008: Mayor Ballard Highlights Early Readers Club
10/7/2008 Mayor Ballard Announces Public Safety Initiatives for the Monon Trail
10/8/2008 Mayor Announces Re-Opening Of 82nd Street Bridge Over The White River
10/10/2008 Mayor Unveils Agenda To Establish City As One Of The Midwest's Most Sustainable
10/13/2008 Mayor Ballard Kicks Off Green Week With Play Day At Indy Parks
10/14/2008 Nominations Sought for 2008 Mayor's Community Service Awards
10/14/2008 City Plants Trees To Benefit Environment, Reduce Costs
10/15/2008 Mayor Ballard Announces City's First On-Street Bike Lanes
10/17/2008 Mayor Announces First City Green Roof Project
10/18/2008 City Hosts Special Tox-Away Day
10/22/2008 City Prepares for Winter Snow Season
10/23/2008 Mayor Releases Statement Thanking FFA Members for Day of Service
10/28/2008 Winnie Ballard Kicks Off Indy's Campaign for Financial Fitness
10/31/2008 Mayor Ballard Urges Children and Families to Get a Flu Shot

November 2008

11/6/2008 Mayor Announces Citywide Food Initiative
11/7/2008 City and State Partner in Maximizing Minority and Women Business Opportunities
11/7/2008 Central Indiana Purchasing Alliance Discusses Opportunities to Save
11/12/2008 City Releases List of Areas Eligible to Receive HUD Funds, Announces Beginning of Public Comment Period
11/18/2008 Mayor Ballard Welcomes Consular Corps of Indianapolis at Local Reception
11/19/2008 Mayor Ballard Awards Patrick J. Early the Charles L. Whistler Award
11/19/2008 Mayor Ballard Applauds J.W. Marriott Hiring Goals
11/20/2008 Mayor Ballard Joins Indianapolis Housing Agency to Celebrate Grand Opening of the Georgetown Apartments
11/21/2008 Indy's Campaign for Financial Fitness Receives Funding Boost from IRS Grant
11/24/2008 City Generates Nearly Half Million Dollars in Savings
11/25/2008 Mayor Tours Newly-Constructed Green Home
11/26/2008 Indy Parks and Recreation Awarded $350,000 Grant for After School Programs
11/26/2008 Sports of All Sorts Announces Participation in Citywide Food Initiative

December 2008

12/3/2008 Hybrid Vehicles Use Tax Dollars More Efficiently; Promote Citywide Sustainability Efforts
12/5/2008 Mayor Announces Hangzhou, China as New Indianapolis Sister City
12/6/2008 International Rubber and Plastics Parts Supplier Chooses Indianapolis as Location for its First U.S. Distribution Facility
12/16/2008 Mayor Hosts 2008 Community Service Awards
12/31/2008 Mayor Ballard Makes Friendly Wager With San Diego Mayor On Upcoming Colts Game