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Contractor License

The Department of Business and Neighborhood Services has the responsibility of licensing persons and business organizations engaged in construction activity in the Consolidated City of Indianapolis, Marion County. The Consolidated City of Indianapolis does not include the excluded cities of Lawrence, Beech Grove, Speedway and Southport. The contractor license types include general, electrical, heating and cooling, and wrecking.

Licensing for craft contractors in the fields of electrical, heating and air conditioning or refrigeration or high pressure steam (HVACR) and wrecking is at the discretion of the local municipality in the State of Indiana. There is no State license for these mentioned contractors. Applicants must meet requirements and receive approval through the appropriate licensing Board for the Consolidated City of Indianapolis before submitting an application for a license.

Licensing for plumbing contractors is administered by the State of Indiana, with the license required to be registered with the City of Indianapolis.

General contractors, meeting stated requirements, may apply for a listing with the City of Indianapolis.



2019 Contractor License Electronic Submittal Instructions

BNS is offering an electronic submittal option for contractor renewals. The renewal process follows.

  • Email your applications, insurance certificate and bond to
  • BNS staff will review your submittal, update your renewal information and add the appropriate fees to your contractor license. If additional information is required, you will receive information as to what is needed via email. Your renewal fees will not be payable online until after you receive the email saying the license is ready to re-issue. The title of the email will state Your License is Ready to Re-Issue.
  • You will receive email notification when your license is ready to be paid for and subsequently re-issued along with a link to the website where you may pay your fee.
  • You may then pay your renewal fee online with credit/debit card or eCheck. When your license fee is paid, you receive an email with your license card attached.

This new service will streamline the process and allow you to renew without coming to our office.


2019 Contractor License Renewal Information

All licenses currently held by general contractors are set to expire 12/31/2018. In order to renew your license, you will need to supply the department with your updated insurance certificate(s), bond certificate expiring 12/31/2020, and company renewal application.

Please turn your renewal application in as soon as feasible. As we get closer to the end of the year, the turn-a-round time on renewals will increase based on the volume of applications we receive at the last minute. If you are planning on obtaining a permit on the first of the year, please plan your license renewal accordingly and do not wait to renew.

If you have questions, please contact our office at: or (317) 327-1291.