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Current Initiatives                                               

 Draft Zoning Ordinance Out!

Updating Indianapolis' zoning ordinances and associated development regulations to be more sustainable, more livable.


.. Past Initiatives                                            

Signs on Bus Shelters and Bus benches, 2011-AO-01 

On April 11, 2011, the City-County Council passed the amendments to the Sign Regulations to allow signs, including IndyGo signs and advertising signs, on bus shelters and bus benches.  Colts Bus ShelterThe proposal was recommended for approval by the City-County Council's Metropolitan Development Committee on March 28, 2011 at 5:30pm in Room 260, and the Metropolitan Development Commission started the process by approving the proposal on January 19, 2011.

Currently, there are over 4,000 bus stops within Marion County and less than 200 of these stops, or less than 5%, have a bus shelter to serve the riders. Only nine legitimate bus benches, complete with a walk and hardsurfaced pad, meet ADA requirements to serve the riders within Marion County. Annually, over 8.5 million passenger trips are provided by the IndyGo bus service. Bus service provides a critical linkage between jobs and employees.

The allowance for placement of limited advertising signs on bus benches and shelters would directly contribute to installation of additional bus benches and shelters by means of generating revenue from the sale of advertising. The provision of amenities, such as illuminated shelters and benches, at stops contribute to increased ridership of the bus system due to a greater sense of user safety and comfort at such stops. The prudent and judicious placement of limited advertising signs on bus benches and shelters can be accommodated safely, designed to maintain community aesthetic standards, without creating sign clutter, and without diminishing the utility of other nearby signs.

The proposal provides for IndyGo signs, such as route maps, fare information, special events, and bus status indicator, and, in some instances, an advertising sign. Generally, one advertising sign per shelter or bench would ONLY be permitted in commercial, industrial, CBD, multifamily and special use districts, including the airport, hospitals, and universities, and must be at least 200 feet from single-family residential development.

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Recent Initiatives

Front Setback in the D-1 and D-S districts amendment in the Dwelling Districts Zoning Ordinance to change the minimum front required front yard setback in the D-S to at least 40 feet and 30 feet in the D-1 district and to establish the maximum height of primary buildings at 45 feet and accessory buildings at 24 feet.  Amendment: 2010-AO-02

Meridian Hills amendment in the Dwelling Districts Zoning Ordinance to change the side yard setbacks in the Town of Meridian Hills to the setback standards that applied in 1946. The standards require that side yards be at least 30% of the width of the lot, but in no instances more than 30 feet total with the smallest dimension not less than:

         15 feet in a Class R-1 district
         12 feet in a Class R-2 district 
         10 feet in a Class R-3 district                       Amendment: 2010-AO-01

Wellfield Protection Zoning Ordinance amendment to re-assign agency responsibilities for re-evaluation of wellfield delineation boundaries and for administration of the groundwater protection fund, and to revise the definition of "technically qualified person."  Amendment: 2009-AO-05

Industrial Zoning Ordinance amendment to specifically differentiate between motor truck terminals and waste transfer stations by adding "waste transfer station" to the list of uses requiring a Special Exception in the I-4-S and I-4-U zoning districts, adding a definition of "waste transfer station," and modifying the definition of "motor truck terminal."  Amendment: 2009-AO-4