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Public Draft  


Consolidating 14 seperate ordinances into one ordinance with 5 parts, the new ordinance is in a completely different structure and format. The new structure allows for the consolidation of many repetitive sections into one; accomodates mixed use districts easily; uses many more tables and graphics; and makes the ordinance much easier to use.

A key change to the ordinance is the Permitted Use Table. The table lists all of the basic "by-right" districts and a broad list of uses. "By-right" districts are the zoning districts that allow specific uses without obtaining public approval at a hearing, such as C-3 or D-5.   With the permitted uses identified, the table also indicates if there are use-specific standards that are required regardless of the district.

Once the district and use are known, the district standards and the development standards can then be applied. Take a look at the framework below.

The Consolidated Zoning / Subdivision Ordinance:

  • Chapter 740. General Provisions

  • Chapter 741. Subdivision Regulations

  •  Chapter 742. Districts

  • Chapter 743. Uses & Use-Specific Standards

    • Article I - General
    • Article II - Use Table
    • Article III - Use-Specific Standards
  • Chapter 744. Development Standards

    • Article I - General
    • Article II - Lot & Building Dimensions
    • Article III - Access and Connectivity
    • Article IV - Parking, Loading, and Drive-through
    • Article V - Landscaping and Screening
    • Article VI - Street and Exterior Lighting
    • Article VII - Design Standards (Reserved)
    • Article VIII - Underground Utilities (No changes)
    • Article IX - Sign Regulations (No changes)

Click here to download the documents in PDF.