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Greenways and Trails



The Indianapolis Greenway System is a world class urban multiuse trail that connects people in the cities of Indianapolis, Lawrence, and Speedway as well as neighborhoods, commercial districts, schools and parks, cultural features and historic sites in the townships of Washington, Center, Lawrence, Wayne, Warren and Pike.

Indianapolis Greenways is transforming the way our community connects and interacts. Over the last two decades, we have built a network of Greenways trails, which provide more option for residents to travel, exercise and build stronger communities while safely interacting with vehicles.  Indy Parks’ Greenways offer opportunities for recreation and fitness, protect vital wildlife habitat, promote open space and wetland conservation and spur economic development.

The Greenways ease the movement of the people and cars through the city, providing transportation choices and allowing residents and visitors to access the city in a safer, more sustainable way. Currently we have 60 miles of trails and the proposed Greenways, in addition to bike lanes and the Cultural Trail, will connect and provide a way to and around downtown Indianapolis. This will help make every destination accessible and it provides a safe, designated space for those who need a way to get to, from or through central Indiana cities.


If you would like to know more about greenways in our city, you may review the 2002 Indy Greenways Master Plan [doc], which is in the process of being updated. 

Indy Greenways Master Plan​

For more information about Greenways call 327-PARK
Trail User's Guide 
Greenways Map
Learn more about Greenway Etiquette here.


The Central Canal Towpath, the Monon Trail, Pleasant Run Trail and White River Wapahani Trail all are recognized as National Recreational Trails!