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IndyGov Services are organized into the categories listed on the menu to the left.


Service A-Z: This index lists the most popular services in alphabetical order.


Report A Problem: The Mayor's Action Center allows citizens to report problems or complaints to the Mayor's Office.


Government Profile Search :Find out who the elected officials and representatives are that serve your area, as well as their contact information.


Family Guide to Public Schools: With over 200 public schools in Indianapolis, it's challenging for families to get good information about the schools their children attend or the options they have. This Guide aims to connect Indianapolis families with the wealth of information out there about our public schools.


Child Support Services: Find information and services for child support payors and recipients. You can also calculate support payments.


IndyBIZ Subscriber e-Services: IndyBIZ allows you to connect with Marion County government from the convenience of your home or office for instant, online access to important records and real-time form filing. When you subscribe to IndyBIZ, you'll have a wealth of interactive services at your fingertips, 24 hours a day, from anywhere in the world. Online interaction with the city-county government is cost-effective, convenient, accurate and immediate. A single, $75 annual subscription offers the following:

  • Individual passwords for up to 10 people in your organization. These passwords offer access to all e-Services areas of the site.

  • Toll-free Technical Support Hotline staffed by knowledgeable technicians.

  • Detailed management reports regarding your usage and reports accessed.

Currently available e-Services:

Business Licenses

  • Hotel/Motel ($2.50/application plus agency statutory fee)
  • Groomer ($2.50/application plus agency statutory fee)
  • Kennel ($2.50/application plus agency statutory fee)
  • Pet Store ($2.50/application plus agency statutory fee)
  • Commercial parking facility ($2.50/application plus agency statutory fee)

Civil Court Information

  • Civil Court Name Search (No charge)
  • Civil Case Summary ($5/case)
  • Civil Judgment Financial Activity ($3/judgment)
  • Marriage Records (1925-Present) free
  • Summons Service ($1/record)
  • Tax Warrants ($1/Warrant)

Criminal Court Information

  • Criminal Justice Name Search ($2/search)
  • Criminal Case Summaries ($2/name search plus $5/summary)
  • Party Booking Detail ($2/name search plus $5/record)

Permit Services

  • Right of Way Permits ($4/Application plus agency statutory fee)
  • Electrical Permits ($4/Application plus agency statutory fee)
  • Electrical Self Certification Tags ($3/order plus agency statutory fee)
  • Heating and Cooling Permits ($4/Application plus agency statutory fee)
  • Plumbing Permits ($4/Application plus agency statutory fee)
  • Structural Permits ($4/Application plus agency statutory fee)
  • Master Permits ($11/Application plus agency statutory fee)
  • Property Owner Permits ($5.10/application)

Police/Sheriff Services

  • Incident Reports (June 1994 - present) ($6/report)
  • Limited Criminal History ($15/search)
  • Monthly Real Estate Listing ($3 small, $13 big report)
  • Monthly Real Estate Sold Listing ($12 small list)
  • Traffic Ticket Payment

Property Services

  • Property Report ($3/report)
  • Parcel History ($1/report)
  • Owner History ($1/report)
  • Bulk Property Searches ($1/search)