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Community Service Provider

​What Can the Warren Township Trustee Do for You?

​One of the jobs of the Warren Township Trustee is to provide emergency assistance to individuals and families in need who qualify based on township assistance standards.

This can Include:

  • Payment of Rent/Mortgage
  • Payment of Utilities
  • Payment of Burial/Funeral Costs 

​Please Call us before coming to the office.  Appointments are preferred, but walk-ins are accepted.

We will discuss your needs and make an appointment for you to come to our office.  We may send you some initial paperwork to complete before coming in.

​you may need to bring some or all of the following documents when you apply for assistance:

  • Proof of Income
  • Receipts for Payments Made (bills, etc.)
  • Tax Returns (for the previous year)
  • Identification
  • Birth Certificates (for Children)




​Warren Township Trustee

 501 N. Post Road, Suite A Indianapolis, IN 46219(317).327.8947 - Phone(317).327.8948 - Fax